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    * is not responsible for items bought or sold in the Marketplace. Buy and sell at your own risk.

    Failure to follow the rules below may result in the removal of your listing without notice.

    1. Fake/replica items are strictly prohibited.
    2. Post a brief description of the item.
    3. Post a specific price.
    4. Post the overall condition. I recommend using the TZ Grading System.
    5. Post at least one (clear) photo of the actual item.
    6. Communicate via email or PM. Don't reply to the actual listing.
    7. Unless you're a Premium Member, promoting a commercial business isn't allowed. This includes posting Web links and logos within threads, avatars, signatures, etc..

    Good Housekeeping

    1. Feel free to define a prefix (not required) when creating your thread. *Not available via Tapatalk
    2. Once an item has sold, please post a reply stating so. An Admin will then update the prefix to [SOLD].
    3. Listings older than 30 days (from the date the listing was last updated) will be automatically marked as [EXPIRED].

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